Taboo: More than Just Friends, Lesa's project

A Gullah/Geechee (African-American) TV Investigative News Reporter has her plate full covering the ongoing story of an elusive, sadistic serial killer while her closeted, Radio Talk Show Host girlfriend jeopardizes their relationship by dating a high-profile Architect.


“Taboo: More than Just Friends” revolves around Jauntee Lightsey, a Gullah/Geechee (African-American) Investigative News Reporter who has the daunting task of covering the ongoing news accounts of a serial killer tormenting and traumatizing local communities.

Jauntee is romantically involved with her insecure roommate Deidre Simmons, a Radio Talk Show Host. The relationship flies in the face of their culture’s morals and mores. Deidre is dating an up-and-coming Architect. When he proposes to Deidre and she accepts, it’s the last straw for Jauntee.

Jauntee ventures out to an alternative nightclub where she runs into Psychologist Kailah Devereuax, a psychological profiler, Jauntee has previously interviewed about the behavior of a serial killer. The two hit it off immediately.

As the body count continues to rise, the frustrated multi-department police task force brings in the F.B.I. to help them track down the sadistic killer.

Deidre is at her wits end. She is distraught and angry that her former best friend, roommate and lover is involved with another woman. This painful situation forces Deidre to make a decision. Does she want to please others or please herself?

Meanwhile, Jauntee and News Photographer, Shelli Green, are following behind officers chasing the suspect when they accidently stumble upon the killer.